Other Local (or somewhat) Model Railroads

One of the, I feel, most overlooked bonus of the model railroading hobby is the social aspect - the ability to connect with other model railroaders. I know there are many modelers out there that revel in their status as a 'lone-wolf', but it seems that they are missing out on a large piece of the hobby.

In the general Central Virginia area (what I define as east of Interstate 81; from Fredericksburg south; north of NC, and west of the Tidewater metroplex), there are a good number of layouts, most of which do operations.

  • Easton & Potomac - HO Scale in the 1920's in Virginia
  • Virginia Blue Ridge and Southern - HO Scale modeling the Southern in Virginia
  • Western Maryland Moseley Division - HO Scale Coal Hauler based on the Western Maryland. Did we mention the coal?
  • Sandy Creek and Southern - HO Scale in the 1970's
  • A&N - On30 modeling the Eastern Shore carfloat operation
  • Virginia Southern - HO scale
  • Reading - HO scale
  • Mohawk and Hudson V2.0 (has been rebuilt in a new house) - HO scale
Please see direct links to the E&P and VBR&S on the sidebar for more information on those two great railroads. The Easton and Potomac in particular is an outstanding railroad that operates very well using a thorough scheme. In fact, my first formal operation session (meaning not just running trains around) was at the E&P many years ago.