Other Local (or somewhat) Model Railroads

One of the, I feel, most overlooked bonus of the model railroading hobby is the social aspect - the ability to connect with other model railroaders. I know there are many modelers out there that revel in their status as a 'lone-wolf', but it is my opinion that they are missing out on a large portion, and hence increased enjoyment, of the hobby.

In the general central Virginia area (what I define as East of Interstate 81, Fredericksburg south, North of NC, and West of the Tidewater metroplex), there are a good number of layouts, most of which do operations.

  • Easton & Potomac - HO Scale in the 1920's in Virginia
  • Virginia Blue Ridge and Southern - HO Scale modeling the Southern in Virginia
  • Western Maryland Moseley Division - HO Scale Coal Hauler based on the Western Maryland. Did we mention the coal?
  • Sandy Creek and Southern - HO Scale in the 1970's
  • A&N - On30 modeling the Eastern Shore carfloat operation
  • Virginia Southern - HO scale
  • Mohawk and Hudson - HO scale
Please see direct links to the E&P and VBR&S on the sidebar for more information on those two great railroads. The Easton and Potomac in paricular is an outstanding railroad that operates very well. In fact, my first formal operation session (meaning not just running trains around) was at the E&P many years ago.